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Écrit par Bruce Owen   
Dimanche, 09 Décembre 2012 06:42
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Dear Andeanist,
The Institute of Andean Studies invites you to join us for our 53rd Annual Meeting in Berkeley, this January 11-12, 2013 (Friday and Saturday). Everyone is welcome.

The preliminary program is included below. For more detailed program, registration, and accommodations information, please visit


Bruce Owen
Secretary and Treasurer
Institute of Andean Studies
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Institute of Andean Studies 53rd Annual Meeting, Preliminary Program
January 11–12, 2013
Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley, California

FRIDAY MORNING, January 11, 2013

Abigail Levine
The Use and Re-use of Ceremonial Space at Taraco, Peru

Scott C. Smith and Maribel Pérez Arias
Early Ceremonialism at Khonkho Wankane, Bolivia

Miriam A. Kolar
Experimental Archaeology at Chavín de Huántar, Perú: In-Situ Psychoacoustics

Carlos Farfán Lobaton
Las Huancas y su Significado Simbólico en los Andes Centrales

FRIDAY AFTERNOON, January 11, 2013

Jennifer Ringberg
Highland Identity and Daily Life in a Gallinazo-Early Moche Phase Community

Evan Surridge, Brian Billman, and Jesus Briceño Rosario
Quebrada del Leon: Prelimary Results from a Late Moche Hinterland Settlement in the Moche Valley

Sarah I. Baitzel
Tiwanaku Mortuary Practices and Social Identities at Omo M10, Moquegua, Peru

Paul S. Goldstein
Many Rooms: A Reinterpretation of the Tiwanaku Temple at Omo, Moquegua, Peru

Donna Nash and Matthew Biwer
Crafting Chicha: A Material Comparison Between Archaeological and Ethnographic Production

Katharina Schreiber
Why Did Wari Collapse?

SATURDAY MORNING, January 12, 2013

Elena Phipps
Materiality of Color in an Early Nasca textile

Ann Pollard Rowe
Textile Reflections of Highland-Coastal Relationships: Late Chillon and Chancay

Ann H. Peters and Elsa Tomasto
Redefining Paracas Necropolis

Robyn E. Cutright
Lambayeque Politics in the Chaupiyunga: A View from Ventanillas

SATURDAY AFTERNOON, January 12, 2013

Jean-Pierre Protzen
On the Trail of Dwight T. Wallace: the Pisco Valley Revisited

Jason L. Toohey, Bryn Geddes, and Melissa S. Murphy
There’s No Place Like Home. A Comparative Review and Interpretation of Human Burials in Dwellings and Domestic Contexts

Anna Guengerich
Domestic Monumentality: Spatial Organization and Residential Architecture in Chachapoya Settlements

Di Hu
A Perspective of Chincha Economics Through Their Ritual Lithics and Balance Beams

Kenneth R. Wright, Ruth M. Wright, Arminda Gibaja O., Richard W. Miksad, and Gordon M. McEwan
Incamisana at Ollanytaytambo, Peru: An Inca Water Temple

David Brown
End of Empire: The Final Years of the Inka Occupation in Northern Ecuador

SATURDAY EVENING public talk, January 12, 2013

Gary Urton
Knotted Cord Records and Documents in Colonial Peru: Is this the 'Rosetta' Khipu?

POSTERS, FRIDAY & SATURDAY, January 11 and 12, 2013

Benjamin Carter
Can Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes be Used to Source Spondylus?

Luis Jaime Castillo Butters and Solsire Cusicanqui Marsano
Behind Walls: Cerro Chepén and San Ildefonso, Two Fortified Settlements in the Jequetepeque Valley

Christiane Clados
Jaguar In A Frame - On the Iconic Nature of Tocapus and Pre-Incaic Square and Rectangular Motif Units

Ester Echenique
Technology and Production Patterns of Fine Wares During the Late Formative and Middle Periods in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile): A Petrographic and Experimental Approach

Francesca Fernandini, Grace Alexandrino, and Juan Francisco Cardenas
Architecture and Space at Cerro de Oro, Cañete

Kevin Floerke, University of California, Los Angeles, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Cusco Valley Inca Road Survey

Alicia Gorman, Jelmer W. Eerkens, and Kevin J. Vaughn
Electron Microprobe Analysis of Nasca Polychrome Ceramic Pigments

W. Randall Haas, Jr.
Neutral Theory, Residential Mobility, and Site Size Across the Archaic-Formative Transition in the Ilave Basin, Peru

John W. Janusek
The Tiwanaku Suñawa Monolith and Early ‘Classic Style’ Carved Stone Stelae: Steps toward a Stylistic Chronology

Ilana Johnson
Figurines and Gender Roles in Moche Households

Patricia J. Knobloch
Crowns of Knots: Four-Cornered, ‘Pile’ Hats of the Middle Horizon

Luis Armando Muro Ynoñán and Luis Jaime Castillo Butters
The Tomb of the Priest of San José de Moro and the Power Relations in the Late Moche Society in the Jequetepeque Valle, Perú

Jeanette Nicewinter
What Does That Say? Visual Communication on Cajamarca Ceramics

Dianne Scullin
Moche Soundscapes: The Acoustic Properties of Performance Space at Huaca de la Luna and Huaca Sol

Sebastian K.T.S. Wärmländer, Vanessa Muros, and David A. Scott
PreHispanic Gold and Tumbaga Fragments from the Rio de La Miel, Colombia


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