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Écrit par Bart Wagemakers   
Mardi, 19 Novembre 2013 08:39
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Recently, the Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs-project (NPAPH) has been initiated. The project aims to trace non-professionals or their heirs, who joined or visited an archaeological campaign prior the 1980s, to collect and digitise their photographic documentation and, finally, to make it accessible to the public via digital photo archives. The term "non-professional" refers to participants of excavations who were not part of the trained staff, but who assisted as part of their continuing education or out of interest, for instance students, volunteers, reporters, sponsors or even royalties.

Despite the fact that the project has only recently been started, several reputed institutions and also individuals have already shown their support in this new initiative. However, we welcome other institutions and persons who conducted or joined excavations prior the 1980s and who are interested in digitising non-professional photographic documentation to contact the NPAPH-project organisation. The projectís aim can only be achieved with support from you. So please spread the word among your contacts who fit the profile, visit our website (, and follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@npaph). It will be worth the effort!


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