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Écrit par Ann P. Rowe   
Mercredi, 03 Août 2011 14:02
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I would like to draw the list's attention particularly to the fact that there are sections on pre-Inca Ecuador and on pre-Inca costume in Ecuador by Karen Olsen Bruhns, and one on the Incas in Ecuador by John Howland Rowe. I wrote text on pre-Hispanic textile remains and on costume under the Inca Empire.

Costume and History in Highland Ecuador, edited by Ann Pollard Rowe with text by her as well as by Lynn A. Meisch, and contributions by five other scholars, has been published by the University of Texas Press. The book assembles for the first time for any Andean country the evidence for indigenous costume from the entire chronological range of prehistory and history. The sources include pre-Hispanic representations on ceramics, archaeological textiles from the Inca Empire in Peru, written accounts from the colonial period, nineteenth century European-style pictorial representations, and twentieth century textiles in museum collections. One conclusion is that Inca garments had a remarkable longevity in Ecuador. The book also addresses the diffusion of the hybrid poncho (from Chile) and rebozo (from Mexico) during the colonial period, and the adoption of some Spanish garments. It is the last of a three-book series on Ecuadorian indigenous dress and textiles.

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ISBN: 978-0-292-72591-1
402 pages, 9 color and 194 black & white photos, 7 drawings, 8 maps, hardcover, $60.00.
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