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Written by Mike Ruggeri   
Wednesday, 08 June 2011 17:02

Archaeologists are studying a site called Tulipe that reveals an ancient civilization in Ecuador flourished from 800-1400 CE. 2000 mounds and pyramids have been uncovered so far, and seven structures that are polygonal or semi-circular in shape. The site is near Quito, and built by the Yumbo people in the forest. And they built an impressive trade and communication system between the mountains and the coast. No traces of weapons have been found so far among these people. The Incas eventually moved into the area, but this had little effect. They Yumbo were merchants who traded in coca, peppers, feathers, salt, shells and crystals. They quickly learned the Inca language and became a trading partner with the Incas.

Popular Archaeology has the story here:

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