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Written by Sofia Loverdou   
Monday, 24 September 2007 10:40
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Queridos Amigos de Ecuador,

Lo que sigue no tiene relación con la arqueología ecuatoriana, pero el patrimonio mundial pertenece a todos.

Un antiguo monumento en mi país, Grecia, esta en alto peligro y necesita su ayada. Diolkos, una carretera antigua empiedrada construida alrededor de 600 AC utilizada para transportar buque por tierra cruzando el Istmo de Corinth, su originalidad esta en su tipo pero nunca fue protegido desde su excavación (1956-1962).

En un esfuerzo de salvamento y restauración de la estructura, hemos creado una petición internacional

Les invitamos a firmar para proteger este monumento historico.

Sofia Loverdou - Periodista científica
Yiannis Balafoutas - Profesor jubilado, autor

Para más información y imagenes : … s/DIOLKOS/ (en inglés, con galería de fotos). … ;newid=890 (en griego, 2 páginas con comentarios).
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#2 Sigue el abandono de DiolkosSofia Loverdou 2008-05-03 02:59
Sigue el abandono de Diolkos, mientras que las autoridades griegas siguien haciendo nada de concreto para el monumento. En este momento hay 3 investigaciones judiciarias sobre Diolkos, pero parece que esto interesa poco a las autoridades que siguien mentiendo... La petición tambien continua, en
Ahora tiene firmas desde 97 países del mundo.
#1 why speak up for Diolkos...sofia.greek 2007-10-02 15:51
Some friends are asking me various questions about the Ancient Diolkos petition. I guess a lot of you reading about Diolkos are wondering about the same things, so I give some explanations here.

Signing the petition does not mean asking the Greek State to give money that it cannot afford for restoring the monument. The protection of the monument should have been presented for funding (with European Union contribution or other similar projects) LONG AGO. Unfortunately, by not having even the most elementary information about the monument, the services in charge were KEEPING THEMSELVES UNPREPARED even to ASK for funding…

The monument is not a property OWNED by people that are free to destroy it. Unfortunately, this is what has happened up to now. This petition says that we want this to stop. The Diolkos is a common heritage of mankind (as many other monuments and sites all over the world).

No, it is more dynamic that that. The Prime Minister’s Office is being often notified about the progress and knows that many people from many countries know of the problem. Consequently, the Diolkos cannot be left to decay in silence (as was the situation up to now).

The information given at the petition site cannot cover 45 years of neglect and destruction. It would be too long (and maybe also very shocking). If anybody feels like having more information, I will be glad to provide both information AND documentation, so please send me an e-mail at .

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