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Sunday, 22 May 2011 03:39

This Manual is intended to supplement the Handbook by indicating ways in which the many different practical examples and exercises offered in the Handbook can be used in various training and staff development programmes.

These activities include formal museum and heritage training programmes, short courses and workshops on particular themes, and for internal staff training and development programmes within the museum or related institution or service itself.

The intended users would be those organizing, running or contributing to training and staff development programme and who use Running a Museum: A Practical Handbook as a core text. However, professionals and students using the main text largely or entirely on their own as part of their self-learning, would also find it of value.

Within the Manual, worksheets are included for copying and distribution by trainers to course or programme participants. Each worksheet is built around one of the key practical "boxes" or exercises published in the Handbook, but with question and answer spaces for the course participants to write a summary of their decisions or other responses.

In addition to the subjects covered by the Handbook itself, and with special emphasis on building training programmes around Running a Museum, the Manual will begin by describing different approaches and techniques in teaching and learning in relation to museum work, and the practical aspects of organizing and delivering training and staff development.

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How to develop Training Programmes using the Package?

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