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Written by Gaëtan Juillard   
Friday, 23 March 2007 12:15
The Center of Precolombian Studies from the University of Varsovia is proposing a Dating database for Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. You can access to a summary of the database through the internet including a series of tables containing only basic information; detailed information can be obtained in the already published book by the title "Radiocarbon Database for Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru". The dates can be consulted according with three different criteria: chronological, geographical or according to laboratory specifics. On the "Index (database tables)" seccion you'll have to chose a concrete chronological period and a specific letter, after that the corresponding database will appear.

The database contains 2800 radiocarbon datings and it is systematicaly updated. Also some necessary amendments will be introduced if any mistakes or inaccuracies are found. The first 2672 datings are presented in complete version in the publication Radiocarbon Database for Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. In the publication most of the dates are given in two forms:

  • The radiocarbon datings are uncalibrated (conventional RCT),
  • In the calibrated form, using Stuiver's - Reimers' calibrating curves (1993) and special computer calibration programs (described below by A. Michczynski).
In the Internet version we present to you a brief information, namely the datings are uncalibrated. They contain laboratory code, the number of laboratory and the name of the site the sample come from.
Persons interested in a particular site or/and period or culture are kindly requested to contact us (e-mail or letter). They can also apply to the distributor of our book.

Presentación de la base:
Vinculo para la base:

Reference Related papers The total data concerning one dating looks like the example below:

Gd-6213 2400±80 BP
68.3% cal BC 547-389 48.25%

cal BC 758-679 19.47%
95.4% cal BC 283-255 1.67%

cal BC 786-360 93.95%

Site Quemado QUE89
Sample EXP1Q11-CB-N4-3/89
Material wood (post) identified as huarango
Provenience excavation
Context of sample and description of site Huarango post associated with Early Nasca structures, depth 60 cm; hill S of Las Cañas.
Site location Nazca, Prov. Nazca, Dep. Ica, Peru. Lat. 14°49'S, Long. 75°05'W, altitude 415 m a.s.l.
Collected 1989 by Orefici G.
Project NASCA
Laboratory comment Treatment: acid, alkali, acid.
References OREFI92:238
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