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Archeology and self-confidence: Agua Blanca Exemple PDF Print E-mail
Written by Francisco Valdez   
Sunday, 29 June 2008 12:03

Archaeology and tourism seem to go of the hand in many countries of the world and little by little this cultural phenomenon is coming to the Ecuador. One of the best examples of like the heriditary archaeological resource can serve as an element of social development it is the case of the commune of Agua Blanca in Manabí. For already more than twenty years, this commune located not far from Port López, exhibits to the interested public the traces of his pre-Columbian history. The work began with the studies that the archaeologist Colin McEWAN realized in the zone. He understood that the easiest way to protect the traces of the past was to incorporate the current population into the scientific study of his ancestors. McEwan, together with another archaeologist of the university of Illinois, Maria Isabel Silva devoted himself to make aware the settlers of Agua Blanca on the real value of the goods and of the archaeological contexts. They taught with their example, since the past can be to the service of the present, bringing self-confidence, dignity and economic resources to the community. With few resources, financed partly by the Museum of Banco Central at that time, they put in value some of the archaeological traces that were in the zone. On having exhibited the objects in his own environment, they were showing to visitor what was the reality of this part of the Ancient Ecuador. The explanations were doing in a simple language, with warmth and the scenery of the manabita coast . The second generation of comuneros is still pawned to the intention of protecting, of knowing and of spreading the history of his people. The benefits that the community of Agua Blanca has received not only have been economic, since today they consist in the tourist world map as an example of the pride of the American peoples.

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#1 Gabriela Suquillo 2008-07-31 15:57
Auque solo por fotos se ve que es un lugar muy hermoso....pero muy pronto estare ahi con un grupo de compañeros realizando pasantias....

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